When I was 17..

It’s that feeling when you feel like you’re forever young. It’s that feeling when you realise that history is unfolding itself in the very corners of your eyes that if you blink, it’s gone. You blink, and you’re in your late 30s, married and a life is growing inside of you. You blink, and all … More When I was 17..

I am learning

Everyday is a rebirth. This flesh. These words. This personality. This mind. We are reborn everyday. And so there is new joy everywhere. Every single day. Flowers bloom. Outside. In my mind. I have nothing to lose. There is nothing to gain. Nothing to be tied to. Nothing about attachment, Learning to let go of … More I am learning

Current Intentions

To continue being a vessel of love. To cherish the present moment as it is all we have. To keep in mind listening is the greatest gift you can give to someone. To breathe well. To keep consistent in my yoga practise and travel savings. To speak with integrity. To stay true to myself in … More Current Intentions